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Getting in the crosshairs: Growing OTT platforms through organic search

As OTT video streaming takes India and the world by storm, so has competition among content owners to acquire and retain viewers’ eyeballs. To grab a slice of what is set to be a Rs 12,000 crore industry by the end of end-2023, OTT brands are investing heavily on marketing

How content delivery can boost profits for OTT platforms

Manik Bambha, Co-Founder at ViewLift writes on Financial Express on how content delivery can boost profits for OTT platforms. Manik provides valuable insights into the significance of effective content delivery strategies in maximizing profits for OTT.

Life after IPL

In the latest article on Financial Express, Manik Bambha, President at ViewLift share his insights on the impact and implications of life after the Indian Premier League (IPL). He highlights the void left by the conclusion of the tournament, discussing the shifts in viewers’ engagement and the economic repercussions on various stakeholders, while also examining the potential opportunities for players and the cricketing industry beyond the IPL.

Everyone’s a player: How OTT platforms can boost fan engagement to stay ahead of the competition

In the latest article on SVG, Manik Bambha, President at ViewLift, provides valuable insights on how OTT platforms can enhance fan engagement and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Beyond the surface: Finding the perfect video player for OTT platforms

The great article by Manik Bambha, President of ViewLift on Indian Television, emphasize on emerging trends and technologies in video players that can enhance the user experience and drive engagement.

Game on: 7 ways to go big with your sports OTT platform

A great article by Manik Bambha, President of ViewLift on Times of India, shares valuable insights on how to maximize the potential of a sports over-the-top (OTT) platform.