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With ViewLift, get accurate feedback to make profitable changes in your streaming execution. Continuously improve the viewer experience with multiple layers of insights.
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Performance from Every Angle

Decisions driven by data and not just intuition - with our 360-degree data & analytics dashboard. From engagement and revenue to marketing and traffic, understand what works and make better business decisions.

Do you need granular-level insights and easy-to-implement feedback? With comprehensive reports, learn extensively about user behaviour and content performance. Execute a data-driven strategy and get closer to your streaming goals.

Insights That Bring
New Users Onboard

User acquisition is expensive. Bring down the cost of onboarding new users by tracking the performance of user acquisition campaigns. Our platform provides accurate details about acquisition and churn rate. Implement adaptive strategies to expand your viewer base quickly.

Identify the tell-tale signs of higher user churn. With ViewLift, identify those in danger of leaving soon using new signup and churn data; use insights on marketing and engagement to drive tactics for higher user retention.

Keep Elevating Your
Streaming Quality

Our Quality of Service (QoS) reports make real-time insights into streaming quality a reality. With advanced metrics, analyze where things are going wrong and easily resolve issues.

Buffering makes users impatient, and they leave. With extensive QoS reports, get valuable insights on buffer ratios and load times. Make the exact changes at multiple levels – domain, page, content, and user – to keep streaming seamlessly.

Right Content, Right
Place, Right Time
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Good quality recommendations improve viewer engagement and satisfaction. With our advanced AI and ML analytics, analyze user activity to suggest the most appealing content, and increase retention.

Our platform brings your top-performing content to the right users. Ensure you deliver the content that matches their preferences with valuable insights on user behaviour.

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