360-Degree Dashboard

ViewLift's dashboard gives a 360-degree view of the business, allowing rapid and granular analysis of traffic, engagement, revenue and marketing.

Generated from every device, ViewLift data & analytics provides extensive insights on subscribers, payments, acquisitions, churn, active users, and more.

Quality of service reports

Access enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) reporting within ViewLift's extensive analytics toolset.

This suite of reports includes advanced metrics to capture the quality of video streams in real time, while enabling operators to analyze and resolve issues.

Pinpoint main QoS issues with extensive data on load times, buffering ratios and overall streaming quality at the domain, page, content, and user level to provide proactive support to your viewers.

User acquisition & audience reports

Track audience growth and measure success of user acquisition efforts with diverse reporting tools.

Optimize subsription product and marketing campaign strategy with day to day insights on new user signup and churn.

Content performance reports

Analyze user activity and device popularity to get top performing content to the right users on the right device.

Engage with the content your audience is most interested in on an individual basis, with reporting on number of streams per day and per device.

Real-time analytics from every device

Data driven insights to improve your content, acquisition & retention strategies.



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