The Smoothest App CMS for Behind-the-Scenes Control

Make content operations swift for users with all the necessary settings. With ViewLift, our on-point App CMS offers faster launch and quick modifications – especially for non-technical users.
A Centralized Hub for
Your Brand to Thrive


With ViewLift, manage all your brand elements in a central command center. Stay in tune with your brand guidelines by integrating brand colors, fonts, content layout, and logo. Your brand value multiplies twofold by white labeling your streaming service.

Configurable templates make it easy to reflect a consistent brand appeal across all devices. Your users will instantly recognize you anywhere with stunning design themes.

Operational Navigation as
Easy as a Breeze

Deliver every day on the expectations of operators who want to program an app that is easy to use and navigate. Fluid interactions facilitate easy content organization - no matter what the device. Fluid for your app users too, with a user interface allowing easy switching between tabs.

For managers of your CMS, build easy workflows for content versioning and approval. Delight your non-technical users with smooth navigation for all operations.

The Most Valuable Functions
for CMS Success

Take advantage of features that make user management a simple task. Configure video player behaviour, ad networks, payment gateways, customer service channels, and more. All platform settings are manageable in just a few clicks.

Reduce functionality overload for internal stakeholders and deliver a flawless CMS experience. Leverage the user-friendly app CMS to simplify interactions with the app.

Create a Power-packed
Streaming Service with