Simple registration

ViewLift offers a seamless signup flow. Users can easily register with just an email address. All other customer data are captured incrementally vis-a-vis marketing campaigns, subscription plan availed and watch history.

Email & in-app messaging

ViewLift supports integration with leading customer engagement platforms such as Airship, CleverTap, Mailchimp, and Mandrill to deliver meaningful messages to users and engage them through push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, email & more.

Watch List & Watch History

Watchlist and watch history lend a personal touch to the viewing experience. Under one account, multiple users can create separate profiles and keep their personalized watch history and watchlist.

User recommendations

ViewLift’s recommendation engine uses AI & ML to intelligently track user engagement and content consumption through search, tags, categories, and much more. Users are served personalized content based on the data points.

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