Build A Streaming Universe Dedicated to Your Viewers

Answer “What should I watch today?” for your users with ViewLift. Use hyper-personalization to deliver relevant content that viewers find meaningful. Understand each user’s behaviour and curate content that matches their expectations.
Unique Streaming Experiences
Under a Single Roof

In just a few clicks, users can register and embark on a personalized streaming experience. With multiple profiles for every user account, streaming becomes easier for family and friends.

Create a unique homepage with content curated separately for each profile. Minimize confusion on the user account with profile-based recommendations and watch history.

Personalized Viewing Recommendations
for Every Mood

With ViewLift’s advanced AI and ML based recommendation engine, you will deliver content that users want to watch. Track user engagement through search, tags, categories, and more. Data points ensure each piece of content finds the right users.

Personalize the content browsing experience based on genre and other parameters. Happy or Adventurous, best 3-pointers or hardest hits, let your viewers enjoy every mood to the fullest with their favourite content.

Keep Viewers in The Loop
with Real-time Updates

Ensure viewers can watch the latest season of their favourite show on the day of release, or your favourite player’s highlights from last night. With real-time content updates, keep them in the loop about the newest content worldwide.

Inform users about content expiry and eliminate their fear of missing out on interesting shows. Showcase content with limited availability on their personalized homepage.

Communicate Exclusively
with Every Viewer

With in-app messaging, email & SMS notifications, push messages, and more, deliver personalized promotions to each user. Give them exclusive offers and perks designed to elevate their streaming experience.

Take advantage of leading engagement platforms like Airship, CleverTap, Mailchimp, and Mandrill to craft campaigns that drive user engagement. Ensure every marketing message is tailor-made based on user behaviour.

Make Sure Your Binge-worthy
Content Reaches the Right