About us

Building and managing a streaming app on your own can take significant time away from the work you love the most: creating great content. Simplify your journey and launch your own OTT channel with ViewLift.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution to content owners to distribute and monetize their content across multiple device platforms, including web, mobile, over-the-top, connected TV, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

ViewLift’s founding team has strong industry relationships and brings years of experience as an operator, not just a technology provider. ViewLift operates across the digital ecosystem, understanding each device’s unique requirements and best practices.

ViewLift’s proprietary platform offers its clients an edge with advanced monetization, real-time analytics, growth tools and significantly reduced time to market.

Our backstory

ViewLift is a cloud-based streaming platform, begun in 2008 as an operator of its own consumer service, streaming full-length films, television programs and shorts to over 160 countries. We became a launch or near-launch partner for nearly every over-the-top device.

In 2014 we began offering our full platform for use by other content companies. Initial clients in lifelong learning, sports and media valued the easy ability to spin-up channels on all major devices, with the client’s own brand, look and feel.

ViewLift quickly added the ability to offer other content types in addition to video (text, pictures, consumer-facing data, audio, etc).The company is run by industry veterans and backed by some of the world’s premier tech pioneers and institutions.

The ViewLift platform offers industry-leading functionality, complete scalability, and deep experience distributing live and on-demand television. ViewLift is a single, proprietary SaaS platform; in addition to its comprehensive technology stack, ViewLift also supports multiple integrations with payment gateways of your choice, ad networks, and marketing CRM systems such as Mailchimp, HubSpot and more.

ViewLift has been powering some of the most successful streaming services across the globe including a Daytime Emmy Awards winner!

Our mission: Your content and bottom line should go together

If content is your forte, technology is ours!

ViewLift’s mission is to offer market-leading streaming solutions with an extensive set of features to grow your business. With the application of advanced data science and real-time analytics, we equip you to accomplish your business objectives and stay ahead of your competition.

Think of new avenues of opportunities with cross-selling, re-monetizing old content, signing brand-deals, attracting sponsors, reselling to partners – possibilities are endless.

Pioneering the Vast Digital Ecosystem with Top Industry Leaders

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Hundreds of millions of streams and billion of minutes viewed per year...

ViewLift has streamed more than 340 million streams in 2021 and 233 million streams in 2020.

This provides us with the buying power to reduce your variable costs. And we bring priceless strategic counsel from our deep experience and broad contacts.

Our locations

ViewLift is steadily growing as a global company with colleagues across the US, Europe and India.

ViewLift is headquartered in New York, US and has teams based in Europe and Asia to deliver seamless service to global clients. Our strategically located delivery centres allow us to deliver top-notch streaming solutions at reduced cost.

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