Comparing Top 21 OTT Platform Providers 

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This blog will compare 21 OTT platform providers so you can make an informed choice by selecting a robust foundation for your OTT streaming.

OTT platform providers form the foundation of nearly all our streaming-based entertainment. Movies, series, events, sports, VOD, music, and educational apps – highlight the relevance of original and live content in 2022 and beyond. Every OTT service provider aspires to replicate the Netflix success story. Robust OTT solution providers deliver the viewing experience customers demand and are the driving force behind meeting OTT providers’ aspirations.

In 2021, global over-the-top (OTT) services formed a whopping $1.8 Trillion market. The drivers backing the growth of the OTT market include the increased use of smart devices and their compatibility with OTT applications, 5G infrastructure, low-latency streaming, and the replacement of the good, old TV set with streaming entertainment. The technological infrastructure laying the foundation for excellent viewing experiences is at the core of all of these trends. These experiences ultimately help OTT services acquire and retain customers and boost revenue growth.

Before we get to the comparison of OTT solution providers, it is essential to understand some basics.

What are OTT platform providers?

Establishing a white-label live-streaming OTT platform is intensive. It involves in-house server systems and cloud-based solutions, video streaming players, video CMS, monetization models, and much more. This is where OTT solution providers come into the picture.

OTT platform providers offer cloud-based hosting solutions for video, music, live streaming, and on-demand content. OTT channels can broadcast their content seamlessly over the Internet only when they choose the services of robust OTT solution providers.

OTT platform providers simplify launching and scaling your OTT channel while delivering a seamless video streaming experience. Content creators and large broadcasters that provide OTT streaming of digital video content to their users do so with video players that embed live streams and on-demand content on websites and applications.

OTT platform providers Vs. OTT platforms

OTT platform providers should not be confused with OTT streaming services like Netflix or Hoichoi. OTT solution providers offer SaaS-based solutions to power OTT streaming services to deliver content.

The benefits of OTT platform providers

    • Providing a foundation to launch OTT streaming services
    • Providing a platform to build music streaming apps, video messaging services, VoIP, OTT TV apps, and more
    • Seamlessly recording live streams in HD and 4K
    • Distributing content to direct viewers through global CDNs
    • Providing audience-centric video monetization models to make video streaming a sustainable business
    • Providing a platform to create video libraries

And much more

Winning the OTT race: vital features of robust OTT platform providers

All OTT platform providers are not made equal. When making your choice of backend providers, be sure to look out for the following features to enhance the viewing experience on your OTT platform.

1- White label OTT solution

Distribute video content in ways that make sense for your business. Third-party branding, unwanted commercials, and video suggestions from other service providers (similar to YouTube) are eliminated with a white-label streaming service. You can create live streaming video and audio and music apps and start monetizing your content.

2- Low latency streaming

OTT platform providers allow viewers to experience real-time content. Live event video streaming solutions and buffer-free binge-watching require low-latency streaming capabilities.

3- OTT content management system (CMS)

OTT platform providers must deliver robust video content management systems (CMS). An OTT content management system allows OTT platforms to organize, share, modify, and distribute video content. An OTT CMS comprises many critical features like video API access, smart or bulk video uploading, video encoding, library management, and more.

4- Video monetization

Video monetization is a powerful tool and the very foundation of sustainable OTT business models. With video monetization, OTT platform providers offer strategies to generate revenue on video on demand (VOD) and online live streams.

Most OTT players enter the market knowing how to start a streaming service. However, with a wide range of OTT solution providers, selecting the right one for your business can be challenging to navigate. To simplify your quest, we will uncover salient features and pros and cons of the top 21 OTT platform providers.

Comparison: 21 best OTT platform providers

Every OTT platform provider offers a wide range of features, but choosing the most appropriate one needs intense scrutiny.

So, we did the homework for you. From key features and USPs to pros and cons, this list of top OTT solution providers has you covered.

1- VIEWLIFT – In the OTT platform providers list

ViewLift is a leading end-to-end cloud-based video streaming OTT platform provider. Launched in 2008, we understand the unique requirements of each OTT platform – its customer base, viewing habits, and subscription mindsets, and more. ViewLift is designed as a full tech stack to address these unique nuances.

Our platform offers world-class functionality, complete scalability, and rich live video streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) experiences. By using ViewLift’s OTT streaming solutions, you can go to market in less time across all major OTT devices, including mobile, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Key features of ViewLift

  • Content Management System (CMS) for apps
  • Asset Management for seamless organization of video libraries and OTT content operations like bulk uploads of trailers and movies from different sources like MRSS feeds, FTP, or transfer from an external URL
  • Robust upload and encode video content mechanism
  • Video CMS for live, linear, and VOD, allowing 24×7 linear channel streaming and all of the features your audience expects from a sound platform: DVR, catch-up TV, and EPG
  • Fast TV capabilities
  • Advanced, hybrid and dynamic monetization models and dynamic ad delivery with high flexibility across TVOD, SVOD AVOD, Pay per view, SVOD+PPV and more
  • Real-time content and user analytics
  • Localization with multilingual support and closed captions
  • Customized integration and platform settings to control features and settings that are crucial for the growth of your OTT business
  • Fully customized templates ideal for white label players to create their brand appeal through streaming apps
  • Centralized dashboard to manage brand assets
  • 360-degree dashboard for quick and granular analysis of traffic, engagement, revenue and marketing analytics
  • eCommerce integration
  • Supports the most comprehensive distribution network
  • Embeddable player that allows embedding your content on affiliate partners’ and distributors’ apps and websites
  • Personalized content recommendation with email and in-app messaging
  • Payment configurations to provide a seamless payment experience
  • Stream both live and on-demand video
  • Extensive marketing, data and analytics tools focused on empowering businesses to generate revenue and enhance interaction with their audience.
  • Ideal solution for the diverse needs across education, sports, media and entertainment sectors
  • Customized solutions for launching OTT video platforms for education and sports
  • Robust platform to build apps for smart TVs

ViewLift advantages

  • Easily accessible software to easily retrieve and analyze large datasets
  • World-class back-end features
  • Robust solution to create live streaming apps
  • Effortless integration of third-party services
  • The powers of SaaS with regular feature updates and evolving technology combined with the seasoned expertise of its leadership team
  • Seamless customization based on subscription, advertising and transactional models
  • 24×7 support

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ViewLift pricing

We offer multi-tiered pricing plans based on customers’ scale, unique needs and use cases.


Deltatre is one of the oldest broadcasting providers that started operations with sports broadcasting. With time, the company has evolved and is a significant contender among end-to-end OTT solution providers. It helps enterprises engage viewers with live streaming, OTT, broadcast, digital and design.

Key features of Deltatre

  • Customizable templates
  • Real-time UX control
  • Audience segmentation tags
  • Personalized content promotion
  • Smart list curation
  • Live blogging
  • UI monetization
  • UI-integrated brand sponsorships
  • API orchestration
  • CMS and CDN
  • Data-integrated video application

Deltatre key highlights

  • Fan engagement feature in OTT player
  • UX configuration support
  • FORGE platform for seamless content publishing
  • Supports tagging system (metadata) for ticketing and merchandise options
  • DIA for video expertise
  • Supports live blogging

Deltatre pricing

Not published in the public domain.


Kaltura is an Israel-based SaaS OTT platform provider founded in 2006. In 2020, their business acquisition put them in a good position to provide services to 600 educational institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. Kaltura has a rich background and is well known for its broadcasting tools.

Kaltura has hundreds of open APIs that pave the way for easy integration.

Features of Kaltura

  • Ad-based, subscription, and pay-per-view monetization
  • CDN with password protection
  • Closed captioning tools
  • CMS tools
  • Cloud-based TV services
  • Features for internal video broadcasting

Kaltura key highlights

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple sessions
  • Customer support
  • Allows multiple concurrent events
  • Allows uploading of and embedded videos for speech classes
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Automated captioning
  • Integration with third-party players
  • Consistent performance
  • Special features to build educational platforms
  • No content delivery network
  • No chat functionality
  • Back-end analytics integration
  • Needs improved functionality
  • Restricted UX

Kaltura pricing

Kaltura’s annual plans start at $5,400, which is billed monthly.


Dacast is designed to help small to midsize businesses broadcast live and on-demand videos content using a centralized dashboard. The platform provides in-depth analytics into audience engagement, top-performing content, consumption analytics, revenue generation, and location metrics.

Key features of Dacast

    • Secure global content delivery
    • VOD hosting for OTT streaming and on-demand video content
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Unlimited viewers and live channels
    • Real-time video streaming analytics
    • SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD pay-per-view monetization options
    • Multi-bitrate streaming for OTT, VOD, and live video content
    • Robust video security features
    • Expo galleries video portal
    • Integrated calls-to-action (CTAs) and email capture
    • Third-party player integration API access
    • Video API access on premium plans
    • Real-time video streaming analytics
    • Live stream recording
    • Video hosting for the Chinese market


Dacast key highlights

  • Live video streaming on phones
  • Mobile streaming
  • Multi-bitrate support
  • Poor support service
  • Complicated setup and launch
  • No integrated chat
  • Does not support low latency
  • Response support needs improvement

Dacast pricing

  • Starter Plan: $39/month
  • Event Plan: $63/month
  • Scale Plan: $188/month
  • Custom plans also available


JW Player was first conceptualized in 2005 as a student project. Despite its small start, the company has created a significant portfolio of clients, including names like ESPN, AT& T, WWE, Stanford, and the Washington Post. JW Player enables OTT companies to provide high-quality video content across any device in large and small formats.

Key features of JW Player

  • Online video platform with hosting and streaming
  • Adaptive streaming across all devices
  • Customizable HTML5 video player with configuration options
  • Native Livestream and social sharing solution
  • Monetization with video advertising
  • CMS for videos
  • Content discovery and recommendation engine
  • Detailed video analytics with insights
  • iOS and Android video app creation
  • APIs for developers

JW Player key highlights

  • Strong API
  • Simple and clean interface, easy to use
  • CAST option for viewers to share screens easily
  • Storage caps in trial packs
  • Video hosting needs improvements
  • No customer support

JW Player pricing

  • Trial subscription: 30-Day free trial
  • Starter pack: $10/month
  • Customized plans for enterprises, publishers and broadcasters


Brightcove is one of the oldest OTT solution providers on the list. It was founded in 2004. Since its inception, it has won two Technology and Engineering Emmy awards. Brightcove’s solutions focus on cloud encoding, live streaming, and VOD (video on demand) hosting.

Key features of Brightcove

  • Multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming
  • Easy global content delivery
  • ‘Multiple monetization options, but only on custom-priced plans
  • Insightful OTT analytics with Google integration
  • CRM integration
  • Web, iOS, Android apps
  • SDKs for OTT and custom-built OTT
  • VOD-to-Live linear encoding

Brightcove key highlights

  • Offers video playlist, carousel curation and video looping
  • Collaboration tools to enable co-creation
  • Customizable branding
  • Playlist integration with landing pages
  • Reporting isn’t flexible, robust, or timely
  • Limited analytics
  • Poor user interface
  • Limited search flexibility; only works with exact tags
  • Slow technical support at a basic level
  • Video API access only on customized plans
  • Insufficient security in the Basic plan

Brightcove pricing

All Brightcove pricing plans are tailored and aimed at established market players.


Vimeo also makes it to the leading 21 OTT platform providers list. It allows customers to launch their own white-label video subscription channels. Vimeo OTT provides solutions to create a subscription-based video channel on any online streaming platform, including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, Tizen, and Xbox One.

Key features of Vimeo OTT

  • Video content storage and management
  • Post-production and collaboration
  • Marketing and monetization
  • High-quality live streaming
  • Third-party integrations for videos streaming
  • Allows Google Analytics and insights on custom dashboards
  • Consolidates insights from Vimeo, Facebook Live, and YouTube on a single dashboard
  • A zero-ad platform
  • Share video messages quickly with Vimeo Record, a free screen and webcam recorder

Vimeo OTT key highlights

  • Excellent video player
  • Easy user interface
  • Easy to use tools for video management
  • No ads deliver an excellent viewing experience
  • Unlimited streaming service
  • Excellent community of creators and viewers
  • Video creators can sell or rent their content via Vimeo on Demand
  • Crowded web portal
  • Restrictions on video storage
  • Poor API documentation
  • Expensive video storage plans
  • Limitations on mobile upload

Vimeo OTT pricing

Business: $1250-month USD billed annually


Contus VPlayed has its headquarters in Chennai, India. It is a self-hosted OTT streaming solution that enables broadcasters, media professionals, online tutors, and video content owners to launch video or audio streaming platforms to broadcast over connected devices. This OTT platform provider is backed with robust technology delivering content on various platforms through video on demand, OTT, live streaming and audio streaming with multiple audio tracks.

Key features of Contus Vplayed

  • 100% customization APIs and SDK for development and third-party platforms
  • Video hosting and CDN services
  • Real-time reporting & analytics that include geolocation-based engagement
  • Video content management designed for large video libraries
  • Live video streaming platform with VOD
  • Built-in marketing and social distribution tools
  • 3-tier security and Digital Rights Management
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Recommendation engine
  • Push notifications

Contus Vplayed key highlights

  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Holistic video analytics
  • Comprehensive monetization options
  • Standardized one-time licensing cost
  • Detailed insights and measurable metrics
  • Proven OTT platform services for the education sector
  • Not the best setup experience
  • Inflexible reporting & analytics
  • No free trials
  • In-built marketing tools have room for improvement
  • Third-party marketing tools integration needs improvisation

Contus Vplayed pricing

Customization-based pricing options are available.


Wowza provides an interactive and entertaining live-streaming experience. It offers a variety of developer tools for speedy channel building across streaming clouds, video APIs, SDKs, sample code and more.

Key features of Wowza

  • Improved viewer statistics
  • Integration with LiveU and XSplit encoders
  • Passthrough streaming
  • Affordable CDN delivery with Wowza Streaming Cloud
  • VOD and live video streaming
  • Robust video player
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advanced capabilities integrated into a single platform
  • Low-latency streaming for every use case
  • Configurable user experience

Wowza key highlights

  • Transcoding and HLS/DASH web streaming
  • Rest API endpoints in conjunction with custom Wowza modules to deliver a customized and end-to-end streaming solution
  • An impressive interface for better control
  • Additional charges on technical support
  • Heavy memory usage in some use cases
  • Complex debugging
  • Difficult ABR resolution and SMIL automation
  • Lacks in turnkey areas like raw wireframes for key verticals like VOD pages with brand logo
  • Lacks native features like screen grabber and streamer, video or GIF overlays

Wowza pricing

  • $125 per month for software
  • $149 for one month of live streaming


Uscreen claims to be a simple platform for those looking to monetize and distribute videos. It offers support for both live and on-demand streaming. Uscreen is equipped with everything necessary to host and deliver professional video content.

Key features of Uscreen

  • OTT streaming
  • Video organization tools
  • Live and on-demand streaming
  • Video marketing support
  • Video app builder
  • Robust video analytics
  • Community-building features
  • Monetization support
  • Secure streaming

Uscreen key highlights

  • Affordable pricing
  • Special features for admin and users
  • Customization
  • Customer support
  • Restricted UX
  • Lacks AVOD monetization
  • Lacks affiliate link payment gateway integration

Pricing of Unscreen

Basic: $79/month + $0.50/subscriber
Growth: $159/month + $0.50/subscriber
Enterprise: Customizable plan


Streann is a SaaS-based provider promising a “distinctive OTT” experience with innovative distribution, engagement and monetization tools.

Key features of Streann

  • OTT streaming
  • Live and on-demand video hosting
  • Live chat capability
  • Multi-screen app creation
  • Ad monetization capability
  • Robust video analytics
  • Simulcasting capability
  • Immersive AR/VR video streaming

Streann key highlights

  • Effective software and backend hardware support
  • No hidden costs
  • High-quality video delivery
  • Problems in uploading alpha channel content
  • Limited customization

Streann pricing

Professional: Starts at $2,995/month
Premium: Customized and geared towards TV-grade streaming


Vidyard was founded in 2010. It offers dedicated tools for business streaming and a focused monetization approach to convert users into subscribers. Vidyard has tools to improve audience reach and engagement by generating qualified leads.

Key features of Vidyard

  • Supports video creation, screen recording, and video playlists
  • Video management
  • Embedded videos for social share
  • Video optimization
  • Useful analytics dashboards
  • ROI tracking
  • Customizable branding
  • Email management
  • White labeling
  • Lead capture mechanism
  • Mobile screen support
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Privacy options
  • Quick content creation
  • Wide range of enterprise tool integration

Vidyard key highlights

  • Insightful analytics
  • Easy video personalization
  • Supplements sales emails with video
  • Strong video embedding capabilities
  • Lacks Outreach integration
  • Clunky, hard-to-navigate interface
  • Limited analytical access for basic users, available only on premium subscription
  • Limited functionality
  • Lacks asset management

Vidyard pricing

Business: $1250 monthly (billed annually)
USD Billed annually

13- ZYPE

Zype is an API-first SaaS platform that overcomes complex video streaming challenges when building OTT applications. Zype takes a holistic approach to help companies increase their revenue and engagement using mobile, OTT, connected TV, social media, and other digital platforms.

Key features of Zype

  • Built for the OTT era
  • Scalable streaming solutions
  • Live and on-demand streaming
  • App building support
  • Bulk importing tools
  • Reliable CDN
  • API access for customization
  • Powerful video CMS
  • Highly customizable
  • Free from coding requirements

Zype key highlights

  • MAZ features to support all platforms
  • Easy way to set up a website and scale it
  • Restricted reporting tools and inflexible metrics
  • High pricing
  • Lack of competent customer support
  • Limited API access

Zype pricing

Zype X: $500/month
Network: $2500/month
Premium: $3500/month
Enterprise: $5000/month

14- Quickplay / Firstsight

It is another OTT platform provider offering live video streaming, modular music and video apps, user management, storefront, and VOD content.

Key features of Quickplay

  • OTT streaming
  • Powerful video CMS
  • Live and VOD streaming
  • Data storage
  • Powerful, interactive video player
  • Powerful analytics
  • User management
  • Multi-screen development framework

Quickplay key highlights

  • Proven track record in delivering low latency
  • Strong video CMS
  • Viewer experience optimization
  • AI-assisted tools across monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Gen5 architecture for speed and efficiency
  • Live channel support
  • Ideal for large content library enterprises
  • High pricing suited for enterprise requirements
  • Limited customer support
  • Limited monetization options

Quickplay pricing

They have customized pricing plans.

15- MUVI

Muvi is a popular SaaS-based OTT platform provider known for its wide range of professional features. It focuses on offering a cost-effective alternative to creators who aren’t necessarily large enterprises with deep pockets.

Key features of Muvi

  • Multi-screen platform
  • Supports diverse monetization models
  • Single CMS dashboard
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Provides extensive analytics and reporting
  • Live radio broadcast with 100% regulation control

Muvi key highlights

  • Easy SEO and customer rating management
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Robust CMS for bulk video content
  • Ideal choice for independent content creators
  • Needs more online website design templates
  • Poor viewing experience due to too many ads
  • Significant bug issues during operations
  • Needs improvement in content filtering
  • Does not provide too many features on the trial version

Muvi pricing

  • Standard plan: $399/month
  • Professional plan: at $1,499 per month
  • Enterprise plan: $3,900 per month
  • Ultimate plan: $8,900/month
  • Black plan: Top-tier plan with premium services


Several large organizations use Cincopa, a SaaS-based OTT platform provider, to store and stream their content. This multimedia video hosting platform can provide digital content management and hosting capabilities, audio (podcasts and music), photos, and more. It also offers live streaming features.

Key features of Cincopa

  • Advanced video analytics
  • VAST video ads
  • Chromecast integration
  • Media player with custom branding
  • Advanced player customization
  • Easy video embedding and sharing
  • Seamless annotation and CTA
  • Analytics and engagement tracking
  • Moodle and other LMS platform compatibility for the education sector
  • API access with open-source code

Cincopa key highlights

  • CDN support
  • Easy-to-navigate video player interface
  • Eye-catching templates
  • Dynamic and fast service
  • Delightful hosting experience with fast server support
  • Strong troubleshooting support
  • UI issues
  • Limits video and music content storage
  • Pricing could be more flexible

Cincopa pricing

Plus: $25/month with marketing tools
Corporate: $99/month with advanced broadcasting tools
Agency/Enterprise: $350/month supports advanced broadcasting tools with added flexibility


Vodlix is an OTT middleware for delivering TV, VOD, catchup, DVR and interactive services to customers in any network. It provides easy customization with a graphical user interface for enhanced customer experience.

Key features of Vodlix

  • Easy to build white label OTT platform
  • Content analytics
  • Cloud & CDN integration
  • Multi-screen streaming
  • Email marketing support
  • Custom plugins
  • Supports localization with multilingual features

Vodlix key highlights

  • Excellent software for video streaming on multiple platforms
  • Profile selection and age restriction capabilities
  • Ideal for small enterprises
  • Supports geo-fencing
  • No code platform
  • Connectivity issues that require device hard reboot
  • Restricted monetization
  • Limited customer support

Vodlix pricing

Standard: $411.55/month
Professional: $1650.34/month
Enterprise: $4127.91/month

18- OTTera

On OTTera, a white-label OTT service, businesses can customize and launch their OTT services. It requires minimal infrastructure investment and makes OTT launch easy and seamless.

Key features of OTTera

  • TV Everywhere, AVOD, SVOD, TVOD monetization options
  • Consulting services
  • Re-engagement and retargeting capabilities
  • Fully customizable
  • Content management
  • Transcoding and CD
  • VOD, linear, and live format streaming
  • 4K, 360, and interactive video support
  • Adaptive bitrate and DRM
  • Offers captions and subtitles
  • Multilingual support
  • User management capability
  • Holistic analytics and reporting

OTTera key highlights

  • Third-party ad and content integrations
  • Allows rental plans on VOD content
  • Limited customer support

OTTera pricing

Details are not available in the public domain.


Wistia specializes in creating brand affinity marketing streaming solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Its video marketing software enables companies to develop captivating viewing experiences on their sites and delivers the tools to find, engage and grow user communities.

Key features of Wistia

  • Advanced analytics, including identity tracking and engagement
  • Batch upload and bulk management settings
  • Hosted video playback pages with comment moderation
  • Advanced HTML5 video player and delivery with flash fallback
  • Video metadata management
  • Video player customization with templates and widgets
  • Supports playlist management
  • Strict video security features
  • Email gating and lead generation
  • Multiple marketing automation and CRM platform integrations

Wistia key highlights

  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • Excellent learning resources like blogs and use case documents
  • Enables video embedding and social media sharing
  • Restricted analytics capability
  • Lacks personalized recommendations
  • Early-stage product with room for improvement

Wistia pricing

Basic Business Plan is free
Pro Plan – $99 per month
Ideal for businesses investing in video marketing and podcasts
Advanced Plan is also available; pricing is on request.


Setplex aims to be a one-stop- IPTV and OTT platform. With Setplex, enterprises can quickly launch their OTT platforms by avoiding high start-up costs. In addition, it provides an excellent OTT video streaming viewer experience. Setplex offers support across multiple formats and capabilities, including linear channels, radio, VOD, DRM, analytics and reporting, among others, from a single dashboard.

Key features of Setplex

  • Unified dashboard to manage IPTV and OTT
  • Apps customization
  • Real-time analytics ingestion and transcoding
  • Global distribution and syndication network
  • Multi-service integration
  • SDK capability
  • Scheduling options
  • Video hosting, sharing and storage support
  • Video quality optimization
  • Audience engagement tools
  • Content organization and categorization
  • Tagging and metadata capability
  • Customization branding options

Setplex key highlights

  • Excellent UX and UI
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive

Setplex pricing

Not available in the public domain

21- RESI

Resi offers multi-platform online and site-to-site video streaming. Its patented Resilient Streaming Protocol allows 100% content transmission even during internet disruptions.

Key features of Resi

  • Deep automation enabling set-and-forget
  • Proactive monitoring and support
  • Easy Integrations
  • Easy streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and others in up to 1080p
  • Video protection during network disruptions with Resilient Streaming Protocol
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming with cloud transcoding
  • Live, DVR and simulated playback
  • Multi-channel audio streaming
  • Multi-site streaming capability
  • Supports multiple languages

Resi key highlights

  • Excellent analytics
  • User-friendly UI with regular updates
  • Professional customer support
  • Seamless event scheduling and encoding management
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Inability to create encoder profiles
  • Though positioned for non-profits, pricing can be inaccessible

Resi pricing

Custom pricing; details not published in the public domain.

Before we go

When looking for an OTT platform provider for your business, it is critical to analyze your requirements, priorities and use cases before making a choice. We hope our comprehensive comparison approach has given you the insights you need to start your OTT journey.

With a SaaS-based, end-to-end offering, ViewLift is here to take the burden off your shoulders. You bring your content strategy, partnerships, and libraries. Let us do the hard work of delivering a top-notch viewing experience, viewer acquisition, and retention.

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