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Why and how are Indian broadcasters tapping sports beyond cricket?

Manik Bambha, President at ViewLift shares thoughtful insights on afaqs about how Indian broadcasters diversifying into non-cricket sports to capture the growing demand of sports viewership

All you need to know about ‘FAST Channels’

In an interview with Benita Chacko, Manik Bambha, Co-Founder at ViewLift explains how FAST channels can drive brand awareness and boost viewership by introducing viewers to new content.

Aggregation vs going it alone: How sports franchises can get the most out of OTT streaming

“Gain an Edge in OTT Streaming: A Comprehensive Guide for Sports Franchises on Maximizing Reach Through Aggregation and Solo Approaches”
Explore the intriguing perspectives and practical strategies by Fabio Gallo, GM, ViewLift in his article on Times Of India.

80% Stay Loyal to Businesses Offering Personalisation in the Streaming Era

An insightful article by Fabio Gallo, GM of Europe & Asia at ViewLift, on how AI and ML improve video OTT streaming, personalization, and viewer experience.

CXO of the week: Manik Bambha, Co- founder & President, Viewlift

In an interview with CiOL, Manik Bambha, Co-Founder & President, of ViewLift talked about his business operations and what are the plans for future expansion, and much more.

Hypercompetitive Cloud Market a Blessing for Cloud Native OTT Platforms

Manik Bambha, Co-Founder at ViewLift discusses at Analytics India Magazine how the increasingly competitive cloud computing market is also opening up new opportunities for OTT content owners.