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The Three Phases of Growing a Global DTC Sports Streaming Service

At this year’s NAB Streaming Summit, ViewLift® CEO Rick Allen, moderated a panel of industry experts, including Fabio Gallo from LaLiga Tech, Riccardo Quaglia from the Italian Basketball League (LNP) and Andy Wasef from the National Basketball Association (NBA), and discussed the benefits of using data to enhance DTC streaming.

Sports OTT Summit: Fan engagement, monetisation and Web 3.0 top the agenda in Paris

Sessions began at The SVG Europe Sports OTT Summit, sponsored by ViewLift®, with a high-level debate on the State of the Streaming Nation, with panelists agreeing that one-size no longer fits all when it comes to content and that OTT provides huge opportunities for personalisation and fan engagement.

Sports OTT Summit: ViewLift® CEO Rick Allen goes deep into streaming trends for live sport

In conversation with SVG Europe content editor Jo Ruddock, ViewLift® chief executive Rick Allen discusses his career and the changing sports media landscape around the world.

Data monetization in sports: Building additional revenue streams with sports data monetization

Manik Bambha, Co-Founder and President of ViewLift® says sports data monetization is a significant opportunity for new revenue streams. In a panel discussion at the recently concluded NAB Streaming Summit 2022, panelists spoke extensively about the evolving nature of sports fans.

US Based ViewLift® promotes Shraddha Pednekar and Sujith Vellat as CXO and CTO

ViewLift®, an end-to-end streaming and OTT solutions provider, announced today the recent promotions of Shraddha Pednekar to CXO and Sujith Vellat to CTO. Viewlift® has brought together a strong team of people, including CXO-level leaders over the past few months.

It’s Time Advertisers Change Their Approach to OTT Advertising—Here’s Why

Manik Bambha, Co-Founder and President of ViewLift® writes on TV Tech, Advertisers who want to acquire new businesses in 2022 need to ensure their content tells a story, is customized and educational and how advertisers must migrate from selling products to engaging their audiences in order to attract more business.