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A new cash cow: How DTC can maximise sports franchises’ ad revenue

Learn how sports franchises can supercharge their ad revenue through Direct-to-Consumer strategies. Delve into the expert insights shared by Manik Bambha, President at ViewLift, in an enlightening feature on AFAQ. Explore the transformative strategies and opportunities presented in this article, shedding light on a new era of monetizing sports content and achieving sustained growth.

How easy screen switching benefits OTT brands and consumers

Step into the world of OTT entertainment where seamless device switching is revolutionizing the game. Learn how this enhancement redefines viewer experiences, boosting engagement, loyalty, and driving growth for brands. Discover the key to unlocking success in the dynamic digital streaming landscape.

Customer Acquisition: Can Sports Streaming Become VOD Platforms’ Winning Strategy?

Discover how VOD platforms can leverage the allure of live sports to captivate untapped audiences while using other genres to cement their interest. This media coverage unveils the winning strategy of infusing sports content into growth plans, offering insights that transcend the ordinary. Dive into the realm of local sporting opportunities and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your approach. Elevate viewer engagement by exploring complementary avenues that transform casual viewers into loyal enthusiasts.

Monetising sports for sustained growth: A game every OTT platform can play

Discover how OTT platforms can unlock sustained growth by effectively monetizing sports content. Dive into the strategies and opportunities highlighted in this insightful article by Manik Bambha President at ViewLift on Business Insider.

My own personal space: AB testing OTT experiences for user engagement, inclusion and growth

Delivering a personalized experience is a top priority for every OTT service. Traditionally, this has been achieved by asking viewers questions – their favourite movie genre, sport, actor, player, viewing time and so on. The trouble is that, as data privacy becomes a pressing issue, fewer people want to answer questions, with viewers tending to drop off if asked for too much information

The New Order Cometh: Decoding the Economics of Sports DTC Platforms

The emergence of Internet streaming, and the resulting rise in cord cutting has hit traditional pay-TV subscriptions hard – US cable networks lost 6,250,000 subscribers in 2022, up from 5,585,000 in 2021