RugbyPass launched a new Live and SVOD streaming service in just four days

Founded in 2015, RugbyPass is the premier online destination for global rugby fans, producing over 2,000 pieces of content every month across its portfolio of channels and social pages. With a global team of writers, video producers and creators who live and breathe the world of rugby every day, RugbyPass brings the game to life through live streaming, compelling behind the scenes documentaries, podcasts, viral videos, breaking news and analytics.

Headquartered in the UK and owned by Sky Network Television, New Zealand, RugbyPass is the largest independent English-language rugby audience network in the world.

In this exclusive case study, you will learn;

  • RugbyPass launched the SVOD service in just 4 days
  • Rugby acquire subscribers globally from 92 countries
  • Rugby live streamed 284 games in launch session

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