How OTT Platforms Benefit from Cloud Wars

An insightful article by Manik on MarTechVibe to learn more about How OTT Platforms are Revolutionizing the Future of Streaming.

SBJ Sports Business Journal - Ott platform providers

Regional sports networks’ restructuring can strengthen sports

Diamond Sports Group’s bankruptcy has negative impacts on the sports industry but here’s an alternative angle on how this challenging situation can lead to new opportunities for growth and innovation. Rick Allen, CEO at ViewLift writes in Sports Business Journal about how to turn the crisis into opportunities.

Measure, target, protect: How content publishers can maximize ad revenue

Unlocking the Full Potential of Ad Revenue for Content Publishers: Manik Bambha’s expert insights on Financial Express. In this article, Bambha delves into the crucial elements of ad targeting, performance measurement, and placement protection that publishers need to focus on to increase their revenue streams.

SVG Europe

Playing to your audience: How to make pub streaming a profitable revenue stream for content owners

A well-written article by Fabio Gallo, General Manager, Europe & Asia at ViewLift on SVG Europe on How to make pub streaming a profitable revenue stream for content owners.

Thriving in the smart TV ecosystem what content owners need

Building smart TV apps are no cakewalk. But no-code platforms can accelerate your move to smart TV, letting you expand your viewer base with the least effort and the highest returns.

Are vertical videos the future of streaming?

A well-written article by Manik Bambha Co-Founder & President of ViewLift on Techcircle about how vertical videos are the future of streaming.

Q&A With Rick Allen, CEO Of ViewLift

In an interview with Martechvibe, Rick Allen, CEO of ViewLift, spoke about the industry’s areas of disruption and growth, including the broadcasting and cable influence, private-equity deals, new revenue streams for content owners, and the impact on the fan experience.

SVG Europe

Direct to consumer: Viewlift® looks at the impact of federation and club ownership on sports broadcasting

Rick Allen CEO of ViewLift®at SVG Europe talks about the impact of the federation and club ownership on sports broadcasting.

Chalk, meet cheese: the complementary roles of linear and DTC distribution models

Rick Allen, CEO of ViewLift® writes a great article on Financial Express about the complementary roles of linear and DTC distribution models.